Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Time

Summer time and New Mexico is blooming more gloriously than ever.
In the seven years we have lived here; this is the first of true monsoons.
We can still hear the Santa Fe river flowing past our door,
and several shades of unfamiliar green surrounds our area.

And the guest room will soon be available!
We had a recent cancellation, but want to offer options
to those planning on traveling our way.
The guest room will be available again after August 5th,
through mid-fall when we hope to entertain a guest from Connecticut.
Golden light from the mountain aspens will greet you in the fall;
thrill to the sensation of roasting green chile all around the city,
and explore the ever-changing terrain
during our mild fall days and just-getting-cooler autumn nights.
Winters are also beautiful here;
soft snowfalls,
glistening frost in the mornings,
cool walks around our small city,
and bursts of circling winter wind will surround and astound you.

Please let us know when we can help you plan
your visit to The Land of Enchantment.

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